Rachel has been working successfully as a vocal coach since 2016 working with a variety of different voices from a variety of diverse backgrounds.

From working with singers / performers who sing professionally, to even beginners who have never even sang before!

Obtaining fantastic results and feedback from students.

Lessons take place online or in-person. 

They include a vocal assessment and your own personal warm-ups (scales) beneficial and tailored to your voice! We can also work on your own projects! Such as, singing along or working on covers, song-writing and working on your own material.

You can even sing with a mic and practice and perfect your mic and performance techniques! 

 If you are a musician, bring in your instrument! 

You will learn exactly how your voice works and what happens when you sing! 

Feel no strain / discomfort and explore the full potential of your voice!

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Proudly an affiliate for Singing / Straw.

Making singing easier and promoting healthy resonance. 

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