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What to expect -


  • A lesson tailored and personalised to YOU and YOUR goals. 

  • The lesson will start with an easy exercise, this is just so I can hear and assess your voice and it's current function. (Don't worry if you don't know this!)

  • It would be great to hear you sing a song, so please have one in mind. This can be of any style or genre (including songs you find difficult so we can really go into detail and refine your voice).

  • We will then use some tools and exercises to work on balancing and coordinating through your voice. These exercises can change from lesson to lesson, as the voice develops and as you start to make progress. These are beneficial to your development and improvement, so I recommend to practice these; little and often between voice lessons. 

  • You will receive positive and constructive feedback and guidance every lesson - which if acted upon, will accelerate your progression.

  • Continuing regular voice lessons will follow a similar structure, but as you improve, can also include working on your style and artistry, mic technique, performance / audition prep, recording studio prep, more advanced vocal technique and vocal health support.

  • We can also record the audio of your session! This makes practice even easier. You can also use this to record and monitor your progress. The recording will uploaded to Dropbox for the student to access and download.

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About Lessons

All Abilities

Everybody has to start somewhere. Whether you're just starting out or a professional, these lessons are tailored to YOU and YOUR vocal needs.

Vocal Health Support

Understanding vocal health is fundamental to every voice user.

Learn how to look after your voice and the first steps to take if you are having any issues.

Vocal Technique

A good understanding of vocal technique is crucial to a singer. It will give you the foundations and tools to be able to apply to any style.

Performance or Audition Prep

Make sure you’re prepared and feeling confident in your important theatre school auditions, talent show competitions, even local gigs or buskers!

Style & Artistry

What makes your favourite singer brilliant? As important technique is to the voice, equally so is style. This is what is going to make YOUR sound.

Professional Speakers

Are you preparing a speech? Perhaps you would like to read audiobooks? 

Learn basic para-linguistic tools to enhance your speaking.

Our clients

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