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About Rachel


Rachel has established herself as a leading vocal coach, working online internationally, since she first started teaching in early 2016. With a wide-range of experience from working with pop and rock singers to working extensively with Musical Theatre performers auditioning (and with a brilliant track record of getting accepted) for leading theatre schools. 

As a vocal coach, it is important to stay highly educated and up to date with the latest science and research. Rachel is a fully certified Modern Vocal Training vocal coach and accredited Vocal Health First Aider. She continues to work with both of these organisations to ensure she is always teaching to the very top standard. She is currently training on the Level 3 - Advanced Certified Modern Vocal Training Coach course. In 2023, as part of her Level 3 MVT course, Rachel travelled to Malaga and completed a manual therapy course with Vocal Massage Training with Stephen King and Robert Price. 

Rachel continues to develop her own voice as well as her teaching techniques. As part of her studying with MVT, Rachel gets tested regularly on her own voice and her teaching, so she is always continuing to learn and be better. So far, Rachel has had the brilliant opportunity to work 1-1 with and learn from Founder/Director and Educational Director, Andrès Martorell based in Uruguay and Educational Directors, Ian Davidson based in UK and Monique Thomas based in France. During her Level 3 training with MVT, Rachel got the incredible opportunity to work 1-1 and learn from Marco Guzmán based in Chile on SOVT's, Ariel Coelho based in Brazil on Vocal Distortions, Wendy Parr based in California on Artistry and Camiah Mingorance based in Georgia on Musical TheatreRachel continues to take lessons herself and train her own voice with Educational Directors of Modern Vocal Training.


She is an active member of Vocal Health EducationShe also regularly takes part in lots of other voice workshops and events including the World Voice Teachers Expo in 2020, 2021 and 2022, where she got to learn from and observe voice lessons with world-wide voice teachers (some include, John HennyWendy Parr, Chris Johnson and Greg Enriqiez). And attended the European Vocal Camp based in Czech Republic in 2022.

Rachel had the fantastic opportunity to volunteer at the Performer's Voice Clinic (one of only seven in the UK) at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. Where she got to observe laryngoscopy on patients in the Speech Therapy department.


Rachel has taken professional singing lessons from the age of 13. First of all studying the Speech Level Singing method then later moving on to studying the IVA technique. It was during these lessons that Rachel aspired to become a vocal coach and became very passionate about the voice and how the voice works.


Rachel then enrolled in a leading vocal training course in 2016. Which focuses on the health and science behind the voice. During training Rachel had singing lessons with Master Teachers, Guy Babusek based in California and Stephanie Born-Kruegar all the way from Germany.  


Alongside her passion for teaching, Rachel has been given some fantastic opportunities herself. From small local performances, to being played on BBC Introducing, gaining over 75K views on one of her SoundCloud covers alone to even being asked to perform at the Olympic Torch Ceremony and the Pride of Northumberland Awards. Rachel has performed in many charity events and talent competitions performing alongside 'X-Factor' and 'Britain's Got Talent ' finalists.


Rachel has had a wide range of experience in song-writing and recording. She released her first EP in late 2015. Rachel has studied in Music Performance and she has also completed Rockschool Grades in Vocals and Guitar. Rachel continues to record, write vocals and feature on tracks of a wide-range of genres. 


In 2017, Rachel had the amazing opportunity to be a judge at Soundwaves Music Competition at O2 Academy, Newcastle. 

Training & CPD
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