One-to-One Singing Lessons are planned, tailored and personalised to each student. Every student has different aspirations and goals they would like to achieve out of their lessons, this could be to work on their technique for vocal health, gain more confidence and reduce anxiety or even just to have fun singing! We will set lesson goals and targets each lesson to work towards and achieve.

You will receive positive and constructive feedback  and guidance every lesson which will also impact your progression and improvement.

Lessons will start with a vocal assessment, vocal warm-ups and scales tailored and personalised to your voice. These scales will change as your voice develops. We will complete a vocal assessment of your voice on every lesson to record and monitor your progress. These scales and vocal exercises are beneficial to your development and improvement, so it is recommended to practise between lessons. 

You will learn exactly how your voice works and what happens when you sing!


We can also work on songs or your own projects during lessons too!

We can work on covers, your original material or even song-writing skills! If you have a song you find difficult, make sure to bring it to your lesson! Musicians are more than welcome to bring their own instruments to your voice lesson. This is beneficial if you are a performer and perform with your instrument.

We can work on mic techniques and really go in depth with performance work and techniques. This is great if you have an audition or performance coming up or would just like to practice or brush up! 

Students do have the option whether they would like us to record the lesson for them which they can then practice at home. Either put on a USB or CD (supplied by the student) or the recording can be uploaded to Dropbox for the student to access and download. 

The studio has CCTV and Rachel is fully DBS checked.


Songs we work on in lessons can be professionally recorded (subject to availability). 


If you live far away, if the weather is keeping you from your lesson or if you would just prefer lessons online, we have you covered!

Online Lessons have the same format and are as beneficial as in-person lessons.

Rachel has taught online lessons since she first started teaching regularly takes online sessions herself, with teachers from all around the world!


You can have lessons in the comfort of your own home (OR for example - a car if you prefer more privacy), using a laptop, iPad or even just your mobile phone!

All you need is a camera and microphone to get started! 

You will receive a recording of your lesson to practice with!

We recommend using ZOOM for your online lesson.


A relaxed and comfortable atmosphere! A professional producer will join us in our lessons! 


Sessions will start with vocal exercises and warm-ups before-hand to make sure you're performing your best for the recording!

 You will learn recording studio techniques / tips and tricks!

Recording Sessions include a full recording of a cover or your own original song fully mixed and mastered utilising pro grade equipment including a wide array of microphones, high quality preamps and industry standard software.


Recording Sessions only available for students at Rach Lumb Vocal Tuition.

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