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I am so grateful that when the whole world had to be stopped, we had the option to keep singing together online. It’s such a sad, scary and strange time right now for everybody but being able to watch first hand, students taking time to prioritise and maximise their creativity and learning new skills has been really wonderful.

I’m really lucky that not much has changed for me in terms of my work. Since I started professional singing lessons from the age of 13, I have taken online lessons myself with some outstanding voice coaches from all around the world! I still continue to have voice lessons this way each week. My teacher training with the fantastic Modern Vocal Training has all been conducted online. And I have taught lessons this way and in-person since I first started teaching.

I LOVE ONLINE! It’s fascinating to me that we can have the same experience but from the comfort of our own homes! Avoiding the stresses of everyday life! I am busier than I have ever been, teaching and working on my own projects, and I get to work with even more voices from all parts of the world!

It’s sad that we were given no choice but to go online only, but safety is always the priority.

A massive thank you to all of my fabulous students (old & new) who have continued to work so hard over the past few months. Keep being super creative and productive and appreciate every moment we have to do this! I am appreciating every moment.

So here is a little glimpse into what an online lesson looks like -

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