How to set up a ZOOM Online Lesson

Updated: May 9

We offer Online Lessons!

​If you live far away, if the weather is keeping you from your lesson or if you

would just prefer lessons online, we have you covered!

​These lessons hold the same format as in-person lessons. 

You can use a laptop, iPad or even your mobile phone. All you need is a camera and microphone to get you started! 

We recommend using ZOOM for your online lesson, by using ZOOM, you will also receive a video recording of your lesson to practice with!


1) If you are on a mobile phone / tablet, download ZOOM app.

You may need to do this if you are on your laptop. You don't need to set up an account with ZOOM unless you want to.

2) You will receive an email from Rachel in advance of the lesson, with the link to your ZOOM lesson, please click on this when it is time for your lesson.

3) When you join, it will say 'To hear others please join audio', click 'Call using Internet Audio' as shown in picture below.

4) Make sure your microphone and camera is switched on!


1) Next to the Mute button on the bottom of the screen, you will see an arrow, click this and then click ’Audio Settings’ as shown on image below.

2) Please check your settings are the same as shown below.

3) Also click ‘Advanced’ and make sure your setting are as shown below.

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