Certified Modern Vocal Training Vocal Coach

I am over the moon! I am now a certified Modern Vocal Training vocal coach!

As many of you are aware, for a while now I have been studying with Modern Vocal Training. What an amazing organisation! I have had the fantastic opportunity to train with world class teachers!

HUGE thank you to Andres Martorell for putting together this wonderful organisation and for all of the fantastic online sessions.

Amazing educational sessions with Greg Enriquez and Stephen King! Thank you!

Another HUGE thank you to my wonderful co-teacher Ian Davidson for all of his wisdom and support. I am honoured to work with you!

Thank you to a few of my lovely students (Rosie, Connor, Milly, Eve & Emma) who took part in these co-teaching sessions.

I have had so much fun and learnt so much! Very excited for Level 2 to start!!

Thank you to all of Modern Vocal Training! I am very proud to be a part of your team! 💛

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