"I cant ask for anything more from a teacher.

Rach is always well prepared for my lessons, fine tuning what i aim to achieve with plentiful advice and support.

You can tell she really enjoys what she does, making it a comfortable and enjoyable experience. I cant overstate what a help she has been so far, and will always stick with Rach as my singing teacher."


"Rach is excellent.

I had my first lesson today and this young woman made me feel the most comfortable I could have possibly felt. Learning to sing is a personal and daunting experience, and she vocally held my hand.

Just brilliant - thank you."


"Rach is an absolutely amazing vocal coach, she helps you to find ways to reach notes so that it feels comfortable and always has a huge welcoming smile.

She always goes above and beyond for me and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!

She is such a role model in so many ways, and I could not thank her enough!"


After having lessons for about a year with Rach, I had my first Skype lesson today and it really wasn’t any different to a normal lesson!

We did a full set of scales and practised the song I’ve been working on. I think all you need is a good camera and microphone, and it’s as good as the real thing.

Rach was amazing as always!"


"Rach is such a great teacher.

She installs confidence, and is able to get the best out of me.

She has strengthened and increased my ability to access my full vocal range, which I wouldn't have achieved without her.

I really look forward to my singing lessons, they are always relaxed and friendly.


I would recommend Rachel to anybody."


"Rach is such a great vocal tutor, she tailors each session to what you want to work on that day while continuing to work on the areas of your voice you want to improve.

I noticed a significant improvement in my voice after just a couple of lessons and the more I work on the areas she recommended, the more my voice improves.

If you’re looking for a vocal tutor I’d highly recommend Rach 👍"


"I really enjoyed my first lesson. Rach is really nice and makes sure you are comfortable!

She explains everything properly and supports you.

I definitely recommend having singing lessons with Rach."


"My daughter has been coached by Rach now for a while. 

She is amazing with her, a fantastic vocal coach.

She has helped my daughter so much with her voice, she will help you with anything you need.

 I strongly recommend Rach for a coach with anything to do with vocals or music."


"I can’t recommend Rach enough! She is a very experienced and committed tutor, and is very clear in her explanations and gives incredibly helpful feedback so I know exactly what to work on.

The lessons are always enjoyable and I learn so much each time.

Rach is extremely encouraging and the fact that she gives students scales and warm ups specifically to them is very helpful.

I have seen my technique and confidence improve massively since starting lessons with Rach, and I would highly recommend her coaching!"


"I had my first (but not my last!) Skype session with Rach this week. It was amazingly easy to set up and also a great use of my time, given that I didn't have to fight the traffic (great for the environment too).


It really was just like we were in the same room. 


I guess all you really need is access to a computer with a decent mic and speaker and away you go! It would probably help if you also had somewhere to sing that wouldn't impact on others (family, wife, neighbours, dogs etc ) but other than that I can't recommend online lessons highly enough.


Give it a go and you won't regret it."


"I have sung throughout my whole life and my voice has taken me to some amazing places, but it wasn’t until I started with Rach did I realise where my voice could go. 

She is incredibly knowledgeable and absolutely amazing at what she does and I cannot thank her more!

If you want to get the best out of yourself,

I highly recommend Rach!"



"I highly recommend Rach. My daughter loves going to her lessons and working with Rach.  She is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

My daughter went from shy in her early lessons to working excellently with Rach.

Rach works with her students with their input to get them where they want to be, my daughter has gone above and beyond her previous abilities with Rach's help.

Thank You.



"Got a voucher for 4-weeks tuition for my birthday and was so glad for it!

I've learnt some really handy vocal warm ups and great information about how my voice works.

Rach is a great teacher that responds quick and is really kind in making me feel comfortable to sing.

Replies to enquiries are quick every time too.
I've also noticed I've felt a lot more confident about singing more full out now and once I'm able to get a job myself I'll definitely go back to these lessons."


"Had a great first lesson with Rach today.

She really helped to advise me on developing my voice, and made me feel very at ease.

I'm looking forward to my next session."


"My daughter had her first lesson with Rach today.

She was very nervous but was put at complete ease and thoroughly enjoyed the whole lesson.

Would definitely recommend. 

Looking forward to her next one."


"Ellie loves singing with Rach !! She is always really happy when she goes for her sessions. We were so lucky when we found Rachel - would highly recommend!!"


"Can not say enough about how encouraging and committed Rach is as a vocal coach!

My daughters look forward to every lesson because they know how much they are going to learn and how much they're going to enjoy it.

She is so helpful and encouraging, and always makes time to give excellent feedback both in person and via emails with lesson recordings.

I've seen their technique improve and their confidence in their singing has grown massively.


Professional, warm and very cool, we feel so lucky to have found Rach."


"Rach is an absolutely incredible teacher.

She is always very helpful and fully explains how our daughter is progressing.

Our daughter loves her and I don't think we could ask for more from a tutor.

She is also an awesome performer with a beautiful voice so it's good to know that she delivers what she teaches."


"Outstanding vocal coach.  

Rach has increased our daughter's confidence significantly and her singing is progressing well.  

She looks forward to her lessons, as she enjoys a challenge and is learning mic techniques.  

Always has fun too which is essential for a young child.  This is helping her progress."


"Rach is a star.

She makes my daughter feel at ease in every lesson, always happy to help in anyway she can and is great at teaching techniques to hit them high notes.

Thanks Rach."


"Daughter, age 10 loves attending lessons with Rach and won't sing with any other vocal coach.

Her confidence is increasing with each lesson and she is also gaining mic technique.

I would highly recommend Rach as a vocal coach as she is very supportive and gives positive feedback which if acted upon, means improvement and progression can be made."


"Rach is a great teacher, very knowledgeable and experienced. I've been taking lessons for several months now and am definitely singing more comfortably than when I started, no longer afraid of the higher notes like I once was! There's still plenty of work to be done but I have no doubt that Rach will continue to help me on my quest for pop star vocals!"


"I had my first (of many to come) Skype lesson with Rach this week.

It was just as fun and easy as a face to face lesson in the studio but in the comfort of your own home. I’d never Skyped before but it was very easy to set up and once we got started, it was another great lesson."


"A really lovely and welcoming first lesson!

Really easy to feel relaxed and comfortable with Rach as she's super nice and supportive.

I can't wait to have more!"


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