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I put together this leaflet during my Level 3 Modern Vocal Training research project. My hope is that by providing singers, teachers and educators with this essential information (in a simple, yet detailed leaflet) it will begin a necessary conversation to promote healthy and safe voice use.


Free to download


Age & Gender friendly


To be used personally, or for teachers to use in their studios or with clients



Simple, yet detailed


Includes: "What do people report to experience?" & "What can I do to help?"


Available in 6 languages!

(English, Español, ไทย, Português, Polski and Deutsch)

Download your free leaflet here:

I am asking for this information so I can monitor where and how my leaflet is being used. You do not have to write any details here if you do not wish to however it greatly contributes towards my research. 

Please note - Any and all information can be requested to be deleted. My website and booking system are both GDPR compliant. 

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